Source code for coalib.output.ConfWriter

from itertools import chain
import os
from types import MappingProxyType

from pyprint.ClosableObject import ClosableObject

from coala_utils.string_processing import escape
from coalib.settings.Section import Section

[docs]class ConfWriter(ClosableObject): def __init__(self, file_name, key_value_delimiters=('=',), comment_separators=('#',), key_delimiters=(',', ' '), section_name_surroundings=MappingProxyType({'[': ']'}), section_override_delimiters=('.',), unsavable_keys=('save',), key_value_append_delimiters=('+=',)): ClosableObject.__init__(self) self.__file_name = file_name if (os.path.isdir(self.__file_name)): self.__file_name = os.path.join(self.__file_name, '.coafile') self.__file = open(self.__file_name, 'w') self.__key_value_delimiters = key_value_delimiters self.__key_value_append_delimiters = key_value_append_delimiters self.__comment_separators = comment_separators self.__key_delimiters = key_delimiters self.__section_name_surroundings = section_name_surroundings self.__section_override_delimiters = section_override_delimiters self.__unsavable_keys = unsavable_keys self.__closed = False self.__key_delimiter = self.__key_delimiters[0] self.__key_value_delimiter = key_value_delimiters[0] self.__key_value_append_delimiter = key_value_append_delimiters[0] (self.__section_name_surrounding_beg, self.__section_name_surrounding_end) = ( tuple(self.__section_name_surroundings.items())[0]) def _close(self): self.__file.close()
[docs] def write_sections(self, sections): assert not self.__closed for section in sections: self.write_section(sections[section])
[docs] def write_section(self, section): assert not self.__closed if not isinstance(section, Section): raise TypeError self.__write_section_name( keys = [] val = None section_iter = section.__iter__(ignore_defaults=True) try: while True: setting = section[next(section_iter)] if (str(setting) == val and not self.is_comment(setting.key) and ( (setting.key not in self.__unsavable_keys) or (not setting.from_cli))): keys.append(setting.key) elif ((setting.key not in self.__unsavable_keys) or (not setting.from_cli)): self.__write_key_val(keys, val, section.defaults) keys = [setting.key] val = str(setting) except StopIteration: self.__write_key_val(keys, val, section.defaults)
def __write_section_name(self, name): assert not self.__closed self.__file.write(self.__section_name_surrounding_beg + name + self.__section_name_surrounding_end + '\n') def __write_key_val(self, keys, val, defaults): assert not self.__closed if keys == []: return if all(self.is_comment(key) for key in keys): self.__file.write(val + '\n') return # Add escape characters as appropriate keys = [escape(key, chain(['\\'], self.__key_value_delimiters, self.__comment_separators, self.__key_delimiters, self.__section_override_delimiters)) for key in keys] val = escape(val, chain(['\\'], self.__comment_separators)) append_keys = [] other_keys = [] for key in keys: if (defaults and (key in defaults and val.startswith(str(defaults[key])+','))): append_keys.append(key) else: other_keys.append(key) self.__write_keys_val_to_file(append_keys, other_keys, val, defaults) def __write_keys_val_to_file(self, append_keys, other_keys, val, defaults): """ This method helps in grouping keys with common appendable values and writing all keys to the file. :param append_keys: The keys that have to be written with an append delimiter. :param other_keys: The keys that have to be written with a normal delimiter. :param val: The value to be written for the keys. :param defaults: The defaults of the section the keys and value are to be written to. """ if append_keys: append_keys = sorted(append_keys, key=lambda key: len(defaults[str(key)]), reverse=True) write_keys = [] def_val = None for key in append_keys: if str(defaults[key]) == def_val: write_keys.append(key) continue else: if write_keys: append_val = self.__get_append_val(val, def_val) self.__write_value( write_keys, append_val, self.__key_value_append_delimiter) write_keys = [key] def_val = str(defaults[key]) append_val = self.__get_append_val(val, def_val) self.__write_value(write_keys, append_val, self.__key_value_append_delimiter) if other_keys: self.__write_value(other_keys, val, self.__key_value_delimiter) def __get_append_val(self, val, def_val): def_val_list = def_val.split(self.__key_delimiter) append_val = (self.__key_delimiter + ' ').join( [v.strip() for v in val.split( self.__key_delimiter) if v not in def_val_list]) return append_val def __write_value(self, keys, val, delimiter): self.__file.write((self.__key_delimiter + ' ').join(keys) + ' ' + delimiter + ' ' + val + '\n')
[docs] @staticmethod def is_comment(key): return key.lower().startswith('comment')