Source code for coalib.results.result_actions.ShowPatchAction

import difflib
from os.path import relpath, join

from pyprint.ConsolePrinter import ConsolePrinter

from coalib.results.Diff import ConflictError
from coalib.results.Result import Result
from coalib.results.result_actions.ResultAction import ResultAction

from coala_utils.decorators import enforce_signature

[docs]def format_line(line, real_nr='', sign=']', mod_nr='', symbol='', ): return '[{:>4}{}{:1}{}'.format(real_nr, sign, symbol, line.rstrip('\n'))
[docs]class ShowPatchAction(ResultAction): SUCCESS_MESSAGE = 'Displayed patch successfully.'
[docs] @staticmethod @enforce_signature def is_applicable(result: Result, original_file_dict, file_diff_dict, applied_actions=()): if not result.diffs: return 'This result has no patch attached.' try: # Needed so the addition is run for all patches -> ConflictError nonempty_patches = False for filename, diff in result.diffs.items(): if diff and (filename not in file_diff_dict or diff + file_diff_dict[filename] != file_diff_dict[filename]): nonempty_patches = True if nonempty_patches: return True return 'The given patches do not change anything anymore.' except ConflictError as ce: return ('Two or more patches conflict with ' 'each other: {}'.format(str(ce)))
[docs] def apply(self, result, original_file_dict, file_diff_dict, no_color: bool = False, show_result_on_top: bool = False): """ (S)how patch :param no_color: Whether or not to use colored output. :param show_result_on_top: Set this to True if you want to show the result info on top. (Useful for e.g. coala_ci.) """ printer = ConsolePrinter(not no_color) if show_result_on_top: from coalib.output.ConsoleInteraction import print_result # Most of the params are empty because they're unneeded in # noninteractive mode. Yes, this cries for a refactoring... print_result(printer, None, {}, result, {}, interactive=False) for filename, this_diff in sorted(result.diffs.items()): to_filename = this_diff.rename if this_diff.rename else filename to_filename = '/dev/null' if this_diff.delete else to_filename original_file = original_file_dict[filename] try: current_file = file_diff_dict[filename].modified new_file = (file_diff_dict[filename] + this_diff).modified except KeyError: current_file = original_file new_file = this_diff.modified if tuple(current_file) != tuple(new_file): print_beautified_diff(difflib.unified_diff(current_file, new_file, fromfile=filename, tofile=to_filename), printer) elif filename != to_filename: print_from_name(printer, join('a', relpath(filename))) print_to_name(printer, join('b', relpath(to_filename))) return file_diff_dict