Source code for coalib.results.result_actions.IgnoreResultAction

from coalib.bearlib.languages import Language
from coalib.bearlib.languages.Language import UnknownLanguageError
from coalib.results.result_actions.ResultAction import ResultAction
from coalib.results.Result import Result
from coalib.results.Diff import Diff
from coala_utils.FileUtils import detect_encoding
from os.path import exists
from os.path import isfile
import shutil
import logging

from coala_utils.decorators import enforce_signature

[docs]class IgnoreResultAction(ResultAction): SUCCESS_MESSAGE = 'An ignore comment was added to your source code.'
[docs] @staticmethod @enforce_signature def is_applicable(result: Result, original_file_dict, file_diff_dict, applied_actions=()): """ For being applicable, the result has to point to a number of files that have to exist i.e. have not been previously deleted. Additionally, the action should not have been applied to the current result before. """ if IgnoreResultAction.__name__ in applied_actions: return 'An ignore comment was already added for this result.' if len(result.affected_code) == 0: return 'The result is not associated with any source code.' filenames = set(src.renamed_file(file_diff_dict) for src in result.affected_code) if any(exists(filename) for filename in filenames): return True return ("The result is associated with source code that doesn't " 'seem to exist.')
[docs] def apply(self, result, original_file_dict, file_diff_dict, language: str, no_orig: bool = False): """ Add (I)gnore comment """ ignore_comment = self.get_ignore_comment(result.origin, language) if not ignore_comment: return file_diff_dict source_range = next(filter(lambda sr: exists(sr.file), result.affected_code)) filename = source_range.file ignore_diff = Diff(original_file_dict[filename]) ignore_diff.change_line( source_range.start.line, original_file_dict[filename][source_range.start.line-1], original_file_dict[filename][source_range.start.line-1].rstrip() + ' ' + ignore_comment) if filename in file_diff_dict: ignore_diff = file_diff_dict[filename] + ignore_diff else: if not no_orig and isfile(filename): shutil.copy2(filename, filename + '.orig') file_diff_dict[filename] = ignore_diff new_filename = ignore_diff.rename if ignore_diff.rename else filename with open(new_filename, mode='w', encoding=detect_encoding(new_filename)) as file: file.writelines(ignore_diff.modified) return file_diff_dict
[docs] def get_ignore_comment(self, origin, language): r""" Returns a string of Ignore Comment, depending on the language Supports Single Line Comments >>> IgnoreResultAction().get_ignore_comment("Bear", "css") '/* Ignore Bear */\n' And Multiline Comments >>> IgnoreResultAction().get_ignore_comment("Bear", "c") '// Ignore Bear\n' """ try: comment_delimiter = Language[ language].get_default_version().comment_delimiter ignore_comment = (str(comment_delimiter) + ' Ignore ' + origin + '\n') except AttributeError: # singleline comments not supported by language try: multiline_comment_delimiter = Language[ language].get_default_version().multiline_comment_delimiters start_comment, end_comment = next(iter( multiline_comment_delimiter.items())) ignore_comment = (str(start_comment) + ' Ignore ' + origin + ' ' + str(end_comment) + '\n') except UnknownLanguageError: # multiline comments also not supported by language logging.warning( 'coala does not support Ignore in "{language}". Consider' ' opening an issue at' ' so we can add support for this language.'.format( language=language)) ignore_comment = None return ignore_comment