Source code for coalib.results.result_actions.ApplyPatchAction

import shutil
from os.path import isfile
from os import remove

from coala_utils.FileUtils import detect_encoding

from coalib.results.result_actions.ShowPatchAction import ShowPatchAction
from coalib.results.result_actions.ResultAction import ResultAction

[docs]class ApplyPatchAction(ResultAction): SUCCESS_MESSAGE = 'Patch applied successfully.' is_applicable = staticmethod(ShowPatchAction.is_applicable)
[docs] def apply(self, result, original_file_dict, file_diff_dict, no_orig: bool = False): """ (A)pply patch :param no_orig: Whether or not to create .orig backup files """ for filename in result.diffs: pre_patch_filename = filename if filename in file_diff_dict: diff = file_diff_dict[filename] pre_patch_filename = (diff.rename if diff.rename is not False else filename) file_diff_dict[filename] += result.diffs[filename] else: file_diff_dict[filename] = result.diffs[filename] # Backup original file, only if there was no previous patch # from this run though! if not no_orig and isfile(pre_patch_filename): shutil.copy2(pre_patch_filename, pre_patch_filename + '.orig') diff = file_diff_dict[filename] if not diff.delete: new_filename = (diff.rename if diff.rename is not False else filename) with open(new_filename, mode='w', encoding=detect_encoding(pre_patch_filename)) as file: file.writelines(diff.modified) if diff.delete or diff.rename: if diff.rename != pre_patch_filename and isfile( pre_patch_filename): remove(pre_patch_filename) return file_diff_dict