Source code for coalib.results.HiddenResult

from coalib.results.Result import Result
from coalib.results.RESULT_SEVERITY import RESULT_SEVERITY
from coalib.bearlib.aspects import aspectbase
from coala_utils.decorators import (
    enforce_signature, generate_ordering, generate_repr)

[docs]@generate_repr(('id', hex), 'origin', 'message', 'contents') @generate_ordering('contents', 'origin', 'message_base') class HiddenResult(Result): """ This is a result that is not meant to be shown to the user. It can be used to transfer any data from a dependent bear to others. """ @enforce_signature def __init__(self, origin, contents, message: str = '', affected_code: (tuple, list) = (), severity: int = RESULT_SEVERITY.NORMAL, additional_info: str = '', debug_msg='', diffs: (dict, None) = None, confidence: int = 100, aspect: (aspectbase, None) = None, message_arguments: dict = {}, applied_actions: dict = {}): """ Creates a new HiddenResult. The contents can be accessed with obj.contents later. :param origin: The originating bear. :param contents: Any object to send additional data (arbitrary python objects) besides a message to the dependent bear. The data has to be picklable. :param affected_code: A tuple of ``SourceRange`` objects pointing to related positions in the source code. :param severity: Severity of this result. :param additional_info: A long description holding additional information about the issue and/or how to fix it. You can use this like a manual entry for a category of issues. :param debug_msg: A message which may help the user find out why this result was yielded. :param diffs: A dictionary with filename as key and ``Diff`` object associated with it as value. :param confidence: A number between 0 and 100 describing the likelihood of this result being a real issue. :param aspect: An aspectclass instance which this result is associated to. Note that this should be a leaf of the aspect tree! (If you have a node, spend some time figuring out which of the leafs exactly your result belongs to.) :param message_arguments: Arguments to be provided to the base message. :param applied_actions: A dictionary that contains the result, file_dict, file_diff_dict and the section for an action. """ Result.__init__(self, origin, message, affected_code, severity, additional_info, debug_msg, diffs, confidence, aspect, message_arguments, applied_actions) self.contents = contents