Source code for coalib.results.AbsolutePosition

from coalib.results.TextPosition import TextPosition
from coala_utils.decorators import enforce_signature

[docs]class AbsolutePosition(TextPosition): @enforce_signature def __init__(self, text: (tuple, list, None) = None, position: (int, None) = None): """ Creates an AbsolutePosition object that represents the index of a character in a string. :param text: The text containing the character. :param position: Position identifying the index of character in text. """ line = column = None if position is not None and text is not None: line, column = calc_line_col(text, position) self._text = text self._position = position super().__init__(line, column) @property def position(self): return self._position
[docs]def calc_line_col(text, position): r""" Creates a tuple containing (line, column) by calculating line number and column in the text, from position. The position represents the index of a character. In the following example 'a' is at position '0' and it's corresponding line and column are: >>> calc_line_col(('a\n',), 0) (1, 1) All special characters(including the newline character) belong in the same line, and have their own position. A line is an item in the tuple: >>> calc_line_col(('a\n', 'b\n'), 1) (1, 2) >>> calc_line_col(('a\n', 'b\n'), 2) (2, 1) :param text: A tuple/list of lines in which position is to be calculated. :param position: Position (starting from 0) of character to be found in the (line, column) form. :return: A tuple of the form (line, column), where both line and column start from 1. """ for linenum, line in enumerate(text, start=1): linelen = len(line) if position < linelen: return linenum, position + 1 position -= linelen raise ValueError('Position not found in text')