Source code for coalib.output.printers.ListLogPrinter

from pyprint.Printer import Printer

from coalib.output.printers.LOG_LEVEL import LOG_LEVEL
from coalib.output.printers.LogPrinter import LogPrinterMixin
from coalib.processes.communication.LogMessage import LogMessage

[docs]class ListLogPrinter(Printer, LogPrinterMixin): """ A ListLogPrinter is a log printer which collects all LogMessages to a list so that the logs can be used at a later time. """ def __init__(self, log_level=LOG_LEVEL.WARNING, timestamp_format='%X'): Printer.__init__(self) self.log_level = log_level self.logs = []
[docs] def log_message(self, log_message, **kwargs): if not isinstance(log_message, LogMessage): raise TypeError('log_message should be of type LogMessage.') if log_message.log_level < self.log_level: return self.logs.append(log_message)
def _print(self, output, **kwargs):, **kwargs)