Source code for coalib.coala_delete_orig

import logging
import os

from coalib.output.Logging import configure_logging
from coalib.parsing import Globbing
from coalib.settings.ConfigurationGathering import get_config_directory
from coalib.settings.Section import Section
from coalib.parsing.Globbing import glob_escape

[docs]def main(log_printer=None, section: Section = None): configure_logging() start_path = get_config_directory(section) if start_path is None: return 255 # start_path may have unintended glob characters orig_files = Globbing.glob(os.path.join( glob_escape(start_path), '**', '*.orig')) not_deleted = 0 for ofile in orig_files:'Deleting old backup file... ' + os.path.relpath(ofile)) try: os.remove(ofile) except OSError as oserror: not_deleted += 1 logging.warning("Couldn't delete {}. {}".format( os.path.relpath(ofile), oserror.strerror)) if not_deleted: logging.warning(str(not_deleted) + ' .orig backup files could not be' ' deleted, possibly because you ' 'lack the permission to do so. ' 'coala may not be able to create' ' backup files when patches are ' 'applied.') return 0
if __name__ == '__main__': # pragma: no cover main()