Source code for coalib.bears.LocalBear

from coalib.bears.Bear import Bear
from coalib.bears.BEAR_KIND import BEAR_KIND
from coalib.settings.FunctionMetadata import FunctionMetadata

[docs]class LocalBear(Bear): """ A LocalBear is a Bear that analyzes only one file at once. It therefore can not analyze semantical facts over multiple files. This has the advantage that it can be highly parallelized. In addition, the results from multiple bears for one file can be shown together for that file, which is better to grasp for the user. coala takes care of all that. Examples for LocalBear's could be: - A SpaceConsistencyBear that checks every line for trailing whitespaces, tabs, etc. - A VariableNameBear that checks variable names and constant names for certain conditions """
[docs] @staticmethod def kind(): return BEAR_KIND.LOCAL
[docs] def run(self, filename, file, *args, dependency_results=None, **kwargs): """ Handles the given file. :param filename: The filename of the file :param file: The file contents as string array :return: A list of Result """ raise NotImplementedError('This function has to be implemented for a ' 'runnable bear.')
[docs] @classmethod def get_metadata(cls): return FunctionMetadata.from_function(, omit={'self', 'filename', 'file', 'dependency_results'})