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from inspect import cleandoc

from coala_utils.decorators import (
    enforce_signature, generate_consistency_check)

[docs]@generate_consistency_check('definition', 'example', 'example_language', 'importance_reason', 'fix_suggestions') class Documentation: """ This class contains documentation about an aspectclass. The documentation is consistent if all members are given: >>> Documentation('defined').check_consistency() False >>> Documentation('definition', 'example', ... 'example_language', 'importance', ... 'fix').check_consistency() True """ @enforce_signature def __init__(self, definition: str = '', example: str = '', example_language: str = '', importance_reason: str = '', fix_suggestions: str = ''): """ Contains documentation for an aspectclass. :param definition: What is this about? :param example: An example in a well known language. :param example_language: The language used for the example. :param importance_reason: A reason why this aspect is important. :param fix_suggestions: Suggestions on how this can be fixed. """ self.definition = cleandoc(definition) self.example = cleandoc(example) self.example_language = cleandoc(example_language) self.importance_reason = cleandoc(importance_reason) self.fix_suggestions = cleandoc(fix_suggestions)