Source code for coalib.bearlib.aspects.decorators

from functools import wraps

from .taste import Taste
from .meta import aspectclass
from coalib.settings.FunctionMetadata import FunctionMetadata

[docs]def map_setting_to_aspect(**aspectable_setting): """ Map function arguments with aspect and override it if appropriate. This decorator can be used by ```` to automatically map and override bear's setting value with their equivalent aspect or taste. The order of setting override from the lowest to highest is: - Setting default (in bear's run argument) - Aspect/taste default (if aspect is activated in Section) - Explicit aspect/taste default (if aspect is activated in Section) - Explicit setting :param aspectable_setting: A dictionary of settings as keys and their equivalent aspect or taste as value. """ def _func_decorator(func): @wraps(func) def _new_func(self, *args, **kwargs): if self.section.aspects: aspects = self.section.aspects for arg, aspect_value in aspectable_setting.items(): # Explicit setting takes priority if arg in self.section: continue if isinstance(aspect_value, aspectclass): kwargs[arg] = aspects.get(aspect_value) is not None if isinstance(aspect_value, Taste): aspect_instance = aspects.get(aspect_value.aspect_name) if aspect_instance: kwargs[arg] = aspect_instance.tastes[] return func(self, *args, **kwargs) # Keep metadata _new_func.__metadata__ = FunctionMetadata.from_function(func) return _new_func return _func_decorator