Source code for coalib.bearlib.aspects.Security

from coalib.bearlib.aspects import Root

[docs]@Root.subaspect class Security: """ This aspects checks for code with flaws (or security weaknesses) in your codebase. """ class docs: example = """ char buf[1024]; ssizet_t len; if ((len = readlink("/modules/pass1", buf, sizeof(buf)-1)) != -1) buf[len] = '\0'; """ example_language = 'C' importance_reason = """ Security weaknesses can enable malicious users to bypass access controls in order to obtain unauthorized privileges, which may result in: * Data loss or corruption * Denial of access * Complete host system takeover """ fix_suggestions = """ Some few ways to reduce the chance of a vulnerability being used against a system are: the use methods that check on availability of memory prior to writing, the eradication of null field access and null method call, the eradication of redundant condition (condition whose result depends on which part is executed first) etc... """