Bear Installation Tool

coala features a Bear Installation Tool that helps installing bears one by one or all of them. This tool is helpful as it also manages to install the bears’ external dependencies.


To install the tool, simply run:

$ pip3 install cib


To use the tool, you need to give it arguments.

To install bears, simply run cib install followed by names of bears, or by all. Therefore:

$ cib install all

will install all the available bears, whereas

$ cib install CPPCheckBear PEP8Bear

will install the specified bears only. cib uninstall works exactly the same way as cib install.

To see the full list of available bears, run

$ cib show

To upgrade the already installed bears, run

$ cib upgrade all

to upgrade all installed bears, or

$ cib upgrade CPPCheckBear PEP8Bear

to upgrade the specified bears. However, if they are not installed, they will not be upgraded.

cib also checks for bears’ dependencies, using:

$ cib check-deps all

For more information, run

$ cib help